Monday, November 9, 2009

What Becomes of the Children? (1936)

This was a very interesting movie to say the least, it shows us that some things never change, but it has a very unrealistic ending. Sadly I don’t have this movie on DVD, and I would love to have a copy, I saw this on the Internet Archive site, what an awesome site. This is one of the few movies Natalie gets to star in, well ok, maybe she isn’t the lead, but a very major character. The story is about a Boston tycoon who dreams of building the “Great American Railway” while his family is falling apart. His wife(Natalie Moorhead) spends all her time on social endeavors, leaving the caring and love of their children to their nanny. The children seek the love and attention of their parents but they are never there. While the two are out the kids sneak out of bed to play hide and seek, the daughter falls down the dumbwaiter and is hurt. When the parents rush home they blame each other, and they soon file for divorce, the daughter goes with the mom, and the son goes with the father. A few years on, The father’s dream of his great railway is happening, while his son gets kicked out of another college, the daughter leads a similar rebellious life, while the mother runs off for a vacation in Europe. The kids get into all kinds of problems, then they both get caught up in a murder rap, the parents rush to help them and of course the kids get off when the real murderer is found. The whole family is back together and the parents agree they made a mistake, and they still love each other and they all live happily ever after. Yeah right, not a very believable ending, but it’s a movie that tries to show parents what could happen if they don’t care and love their children. For the most part the acting is sub par, it’s not a great movie, but I thought Natalie did a great job, she looks great, and for a low budget company she wears some great clothes, it’s just great to see her in a bigger role with more than one little line.

You can watch the FULL movie at this link

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