Friday, November 6, 2009

“The Feud” Natalie Moorhead vs. Lilyan Tashman

According to the book “Whatever became of..?” it says that before she even made it to Hollywood, silent film star Lilyan Tashman was threatening to “run her out of town”. Natalie said she never met Lilyan, but supposedly she was worried because they seem to be after the same type of roles, they both had very similar hair styles, and similar manners and style. Natalie claims she had the hair style first because of the play she was in, she also said she was sorry to upset Miss Tashman, because she was a fan of hers. Now this is a fun story I would love to find more about, I too love Lilyan Tashman, I’ve seen a few of her movies and she’s great, she was known as the best dressed woman in Hollywood during the early thirties, but sadly she died in the 1934 due to cancer. What to do you think do they look to similar, I don’t care they both looked great to me.

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