Saturday, November 14, 2009

Illicit (1931)

Another small but important role as the “other woman” in this ok movie starring a young Barbara Stanwyck. Natalie plays “Margie True“, the woman has always been in love with Barbara’s husband “Dick“, the three are all friends, but when the couple’s marriage gets a little tired, they start seeing other people and the husband starts seeing Natalie. All kinds of trouble start, and Natalie confronts Barbara about her love for Dick, and that she plans to run away with him if she doesn’t love him anymore. Dick plans to go abroad with Margie, but at the last minute returns to Barbara and the makeup and live happily ever after. Natalie makes the most of her few scenes, like usual she looks great and plays the role very well, to bad my copy is pretty rough. Natalie may have never been a big star but she got to play along side some of the greats, like this one with Barbara Stanwyck, she also got the work with William Powell, Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Bebe Daniels, Hedy Lamarr, Spencer Tracy, Jean Harlow, John Wayne, Lewis Stone, Buster Keaton, and even the Little Rascals.

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