Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A great find!!!

Although I have just began to do the research, I stumbled upon a major find that I didn’t even know existed, it was like being a kid on Christmas day. I went to New Philadelphia, Ohio on Sunday to the Riverview Antique mall, hopping to find some cool old sports stuff, old beer cans, and of course some cool old Hollywood stuff. I was amazed to find a guy who had a bunch of old NASL soccer pennants, what a find, but a few minutes later I found the jack pot. I have seen a few of these books, called “Whatever became of..?” , they are great books, they have a few pages on old Hollywood and TV stars and it gives a little info on their life, and what they are doing now, plus a before and after photo. I have wondered if they ever had Natalie Moorhead in any edition, well I guess the answer is YES!! I stumbled upon the eighth in the series from 1982(I was only 1 year old) and sure enough there she was on page 214, two pages on her with a great photo with her and her husband. Not only did it have Natalie, but some of my other favorites, Binnie Barnes, Mary Brian, Joyce Compton, Irene Dunne, Arthur Lake, Joel McCrea, Una Merkel, Esther Ralston, Gene Tierney, and another great find and future research project the extremely beautiful Toby Wing. It lists Natalie’s birthday as 1901, I have also read it was 1898 and 1905, I don’t believe the 1905, but the 01 and 98 are the two I see listed the most. It’s not much, but it a step in the right direction, the fun has just began, I hope.

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