Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Take This Woman (1940)

I wanted to see this movie for Verree Teasdale, in my opinion she is probably the best actress to never become a star, heck, she rarely had a leading role, but she stole every movie she was in and this movie is a prime example. Spencer Tracy and Hedy Lamarr are the stars here, yet I challenge anyone to argue that they were better than Verree. But what to my surprise, in the scene towards the beginning when Hedy goes back to her old modeling place to talk to Verree, is miss Natalie Moorhead, working in the store, and she even gets a few lines. Wow, I didn’t know she was in this movie when I saw it in September, I think this may have been the moment I decided to start my research. This is from the rare time when she became a brunette, blonde or brunette she is always gorgeous to me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Letter of Introduction (1938)

Not much to say about this movie, I really enjoyed it, but Natalie had a very small role. The story is about a father and daughter who never met, the father is a Broadway star, and the daughter is hoping to get on Broadway. The father is planning to get married to his forth wife, when is long lost daughter shows up, they both try to hide from others who they are, and his wife to be thinks he’s cheating on her. Natalie small role is of a woman who sees the father and daughter having dinner together and she calls the wife to be to tell her what’s going on. Not much, only a few seconds, but it was worth it, Natalie was a brunette this time, not the platinum blonde she always was, kind of a shock, but she was still very beautiful, it’s a shame she couldn’t have more scenes, but this is towards to end of her career. The great Adophe Menjou plays the father, Eve Arden has a small role, and Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy have a small role, other than that, the others in the picture are new to me.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Shadow of the Law (1930)

Finally I get another movie with Natalie Moorhead as a main character, and yet she is not in the movie enough, but like always she made the best of what she had. This movie’s only real star is the great William Powell, and you can’t go wrong with him. The basic plot is William Powell is an engineer whose apartment is invaded by a woman (Natalie Moorhead) from an upstairs apartment, who is running away from a drunken man and he tries to protect her and fights the man, who accidentally falls out the window to his death. The man was angry with Natalie because he saw her with William who as the movie starts must have been out together earlier that night. The woman disappears, and she is William’s only witness, and he is sent to jail. He escapes jail and soon becomes the manager of a textile mill. He has been trying to find Natalie so he can be cleared and be set free and not in hiding, and marry the mill owner’s daughter. When he finds Natalie she tries to blackmail him, but of course we get a happy ending. Natalie does a great job in the early scenes, and we are lead to believe she is innocent. But when she is first confronted about coming clean about the accident, you can tell she is lying, the whole thing as a set up. It’s hard to hate her, but she seems to always play a villain, how can you root against this beautiful woman.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1931)

Oh this was great fun, just a typical crazy, funny Buster Keaton movie, with a fantastic cast. First of course is the always funny Buster Keaton, then you got Reginald Denny, he is always great, he’s been is some of my favorite movies like “Kiki” and “Madam Satan”. Then throw in the funny and beautiful Sally Eilers, Joan Peers, Dorothy Christy and of course Natalie Moorhead. Natalie has a small part, as one of the women supposedly in love with Buster Keaton. The basic plot is Reginald Denny and Sally Eilers want to get married but they can’t until Sally’s older sister(Dorothy Christy) gets married, Reginald finds this shy guy(Buster) and tries to make him out to be this great ladies man, and Dorothy quickly falls for him. Natalie comes into the picture after reading the lies in the papers saying her and Buster were seen together at a club, and to prove Buster is not the guy Dorothy thinks he is. All kinds of typical Buster Keaton stuff happens, a lot of fun slap stick stuff, just an all out riot. I love the scene in the hotel room where after Buster gets lessons on how to make love to a women, he tries it out on every woman who comes into the room, great stuff! Be sure to check this movie out, you won’t stop laughing for a minute.

The whole movie can be seen on the web at this link

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Natalie Moorhead cheesecake photo

Why do they call these old swimsuit photos cheesecake photos, I don’t get it? Where did that name come from? I purchased this really great book last year called “Hollywood Cheesecake” by Madison Lacy and Don Morgan, which has hundreds of great cheesecake photos from the 20’s to the 50’s, some really great shots of some of Hollywood’s most beautiful woman. It’s fun to see how the bathing suits changed from the 20’s to the bikinis of the 50’s to present day, what people used to think was revealing, women wear everyday now, oh how times change. But of course on page 119 there she is, Natalie Moorhead, sadly a small photo, I would love to see the real 8x10, what a beautiful woman, oh and she was a great actress too.