Monday, August 27, 2012

Cooking Her Goose (1929)

I found this photo on eBay a few weeks back and I was stumped, I don’t recall seeing Natalie Moorhead in a movie with Nydia Westman(another one of my favorites), what could this be from?  I could barely make out the writing on the back, but I figured it said Cooking Her Goose, so I looked it up and found it was a play by the Duffy Players in San Francisco in 1929.  Then I looked it up on eBay and to my amazement I found this program from the play, and in the program there is a little paragraph about Natalie.  It says she has been in a few pictures, so this means she was still acting on the stage while in Hollywood, I wonder how much stage work she did after arriving in Hollywood? 

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