Monday, July 19, 2010

Captain Thunder (1930)

Another very short appearance for Natalie, only one little scene, nothing really important to the story. The movie is about a bandit in Mexico(I think), who is just as good with the ladies as he is with stealing money, the women love him and the men hate him. It’s a fun movie, and any movie with Fay Wray is worth watching, it doesn’t matter if it’s a good story or not, just throw Fay in and I’ll watch it. In one scene the bandit(Captain Thunder) has his servant bring him some girls, he doesn’t like the first one, she is too young, the second is to fat, the third is, well I’m not quite sure why he didn’t like her. The next one is Natalie, he likes her and brings her into his room, I think you get where this is going, but she refuses to do what he says, Captain Thunder soon realizes he met her once before, I really not quite sure what is going on, but is a funny scene. That’s it, just a few minutes and she’s gone, a waste, and she was pretty popular at this time, I’m not sure what the point of her being in this movie is, but it is a fun movie, and we get to see Fay Wray in lingerie, so that’s a hit in my book.