Thursday, April 22, 2010

The King Murder (1932)

This was just a typical whodunit with all sorts of suspects, all of them had a motive, but which one is lying? This was a good movie, I’m not sure who any of the stars were, I only purchased it because of Natalie, and like always she had a small, yet important role. A woman with a habit of seducing wealthy men and then blackmailing them is found dead. The last man she was messing around with was Natalie’s husband, the detective on the case is a friend of theirs, and Natalie and him were a couple before she met her husband. The husband didn’t know about her blackmailing ways, he finds out about them while helping the detective search for clues and talking to all the suspects. Only we find out at the end it was the husband who murder Miss King, although I kind had that suspicion right from the start. It’s good to see a movie for a change in which Natalie wasn’t the villain, this time she was the wife whose husband has been cheating, finally we get to feel sorry for her. I can’t say much about her acting, she didn’t have much to do in her short appearances here, but again she looked stunning, she was really the only character who wasn’t a real suspect, although from the start I felt she had the best motive, and in the scene with her, the detective, and her husband playing billiards, I thought she was acting a bit suspicious. It would have been nice to give her a bit more screen time, since the detective was still in love with her, it would have been a good idea to throw some more scenes of them together with her as a suspect.