Monday, July 18, 2011

I Want a Divorce (1940)

I watched this movie the other day, not bad, I prefer my Joan Blondell and Dick Powell in comedies, but it was still pretty good. Why do I bring this up, well I’m working on a detailed filmography for Natalie Moorhead and I found out that this movie was one of her last. Funny I don’t remember seeing her in this, so I went back and skimmed through it, I still didn’t see her. IMDB lists her has Mrs. Tyrell, I don’t remember that name even coming up, and if her character is given a name then she must been seen or at least say something, if not she would just be woman at table or something like that. Now the copy I have looks like it was recorded from TV, it looks like they skipped commercials. Maybe her quick scene was cut out by mistake, or maybe the station cut some of it in order to fit a time slot, they used to do that for TV, thank god for TCM. I guess I’ll have to sit and watch it again sometime, I have a couple of ideas where she may be, but for now lets count this with “The Women” as one of the “Where’s Natalie?” movies.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Show Girl in Hollywood (1930)

I somehow missed this on TCM when I was putting together my recording schedule for this month, but I saw in just in time to record it and I’m glad I did. It was a fun little early talkie staring the always fun Alice White, but the good part came at the end. During the last few minutes, the characters are arriving at a movie premier, and when on of the characters gets out of the car, he has two woman with him, but wait a minute, that blonde looks familiar, could it be? The blonde then says a little line, and a few minutes later we see them again sitting in the theater, it sure looks like her. So I grabbed my filmography and sure enough, it was Natalie Moorhead, in one of her first movies, it wasn’t much but a very important part of her history, and now I have over half of her 64 movies, so close yet so far away.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New information found!!

I deleted my bio post because I have found a lot of new info that changes many things. I’ve updated the quick info post and I am currently revising the bio. Many thanks to a coworker of mine for finding a copy of the 1910 census, which answered a lot of questions and created many new ones. I’ve also found a copy of the 1880 census which gives me some info on Natalie’s parents, very interesting. The best thing is finally putting and end to the question of Natalie’s age, she was born in 1901, and her real name is Morehead, not Messner. I’m extremely happy to have this info, but I’m really more interested in the years after her retirement, 1941-1992, still too many questions that need answered, if I could only find someone alive who knew her.