Monday, September 26, 2011

Another great find!!!

I picked up this awesome book at a local used book store for $20, that’s a deal! It’s “Stars of the Photoplay” kind of a Hollywood yearbook put out by Photoplay magazine from the year 1930. I love movies from the 20’s to the 40’s, but the early 30’s is my favorite time, most of my favorite actors/actresses are from that period, I love the pre code stuff, I just thank those actors had a more interesting life, those who had to go from silent to talkies. And of course Natalie is in it, she was on the way to bigger things at this point, but the thing that gets me is that is says she was married to Raymond Phillips, strange I have fond no evidence of this marriage anywhere, it only lasted 7 months, but it’s very strange that no story I have ever seen mentions this person, only Imdb has mentioned it. Some of my other favorites who are in this include: Jean Arthur, Mary Astor, Clara Bow, Evelyn Brent, Mary Brian, Nancy Carroll, Ruth Chatterton, Maurice Chevalier, Ina Claire, Claudette Colbert, Betty Compson, Ronald Colman, Gary Cooper, Ricadro Cortez, Marion Davies, Sally Eilers, Kay Johnson, Helen Kane, Lila Lee, Harold Lloyd, Dorothy Mackaill, Frederic March, Colleen Moore, May Pickford, William Powell, Aileen Pringle, Charlie Ruggles, Gloria Swanson, and many others!

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