Saturday, September 3, 2011

Discarded Lovers (1932)

A classic example of Natalie Moorhead being surrounded by poor acting. Even worse Natalie gets top billing yet is killed off after only 25 minutes. Her lines flow smoothly, the way she walks and moves, she looks very natural and real, while some of her costars are very stiff and sometimes have little pauses between lines. Like always she looked fantastic and acted perfectly, her usual role as a user of men, a somewhat villain and victim. She plays an actress who left her first husband for an actor, then ruined him, while she ruined a few other men, in all about 5 people want her dead, and when she dies of course they all seem guilty. I figured it out very quickly, a lot of these lower budget mysteries fail in this aspect, the suspects seem to obvious, the person who looks most innocent ends up being the killer, been there done that. J. Farrell MacDonald played the police sergeant and he was fine, I’ve always liked him, but the others were pretty rough. It was great to see Natalie in a starring role even if it was only in half the film, she looked great, she’s a goddess, her clothes looked great for a lower budget picture. I really loved the sets, again for a lower budget movie the Art Deco sets where great, very impressive, Natalie’s house was an Art Deco lovers dream, then again Natalie herself is an Art Deco dream, if you don’t know what I mean by that, I’ll explain it in a future post.

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