Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Fighting Gentleman (1932)

Here we go again, a movie where Natalie is listed 3rd on the cast list, only to be in the movie for a couple short scenes.  To be honest I can’t even say she did a great job, her lines were really short, over all the whole movie was kind of slow, a lot of pauses between lines, it felt awkward.  It was a typical Natalie Moorhead movie, William Collier Jr. stars as an amateur boxer with a sweetheart, they get married he makes the big time, starts messing around with Natalie, the couple splits, he dumps Natalie and the couple ends up happy.  Like I said typical Natalie playing the bad other woman, she did ok with what she had but other than looking great this movie really didn’t offer much.   One thing I found interesting is the outfit she is wearing when we first see her, didn’t I see her wear that same outfit in another boxing movie she did “The Big Chance”?   Although this movie is from 1932 and the Big Chance is from 1933, maybe they were being filmed at the same time, then again since both of these movies are poverty row films, maybe she used her own clothes, no one is listed as costume designer, this isn’t the first time she has worn the same dress in multiple films, interesting.

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