Saturday, June 16, 2012

All This and Heaven Too (1940)

This was one of Natalie’s last movies, and she was only in it for a few seconds, but she did have a few lines, so not a total waste of time.  The funny or sad thing (depends on who you ask) is that Bette Davis is the star, it wasn’t that long ago when the roles were reversed.  Supposedly during the filming of “Menace” Natalie and Bette didn’t get along, Bette said Natalie was rude and trying to upstage her.  Natalie was the veteran at that time and Bette the up and comer, now in this movie Bette was a super star and Natalie’s career was all but over.  This was a period movie, and it was really odd to see Natalie in period clothes and hair style, nothing like the ultra streamlined art deco goddess she was in the early 30’s, but still gorgeous.

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