Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What’s in a name? is it Messner or Moorhead??

So what is Natalie’s real last name? Everything I’ve seen says her given name is Nathalia Messner, yet her death record claims her father’s name was Moorhead and her mothers maiden name is Messner. So does that would make her father James Vincent Moorhead, but everything I have read says Messner, I don’t get it. Since her father is said to have died when Natalie was around 10 years old, maybe Natalie and her Mother switched back to her maiden name. Then when Natalie got into acting and had to chose a stage name she took her father’s name, a lot of actors back then took names from relatives, so it’s very possible. Also one little story I have claims Natalie had a sister Regina, who is this woman, is she older, younger, did she have kids, grandkids, could a relative of Natalie still be alive? I wish I can find someone who knew Natalie who can answer these questions.

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