Friday, May 20, 2011

Marjorie Gateson

Natalie Moorhead isn’t the only actor/actress I like, there are plenty of them, but a lot of them have biographies out there, plenty of info, and some I’m just not that interested in, I just like their movies. But for some reason Natalie fascinated me, there’s something about her I just love, the same goes with Marjorie Gateson. I was watching a movie the other day with her in a bigger role than usual, and it just hit me, she’s fantastic. Like Natalie, she did plenty of movies where she had small roles, sometimes just a very quick scene, but again like Natalie she was almost always the best, over shadowing the stars, another wasted talent in Hollywood. She had a unique look, I find her very beautiful, and very talented, from serious roles to ditsy woman, always perfect, very much like the great Alice Brady. I’m thinking of starting some research on Ms Gateson, sadly she passed away in 1977, and like Natalie she wasn’t a star so info may be hard to come by. She had a long career, her first movie was in 1931 and went into TV in the 50’s until retiring in 1958. She played along side some of the biggest names, Loretta Young, Ruth Chatterton, James Cagney, Marion Davies, Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Harold Lloyd, William Powell, Jean Harlow, just to name a few. I’m not sure why, but I find her fascinating, stay tune, I may start another blog.


  1. Please do start a Gateson blog. She's very sexy
    but pics on the internet are hard to find. She's in Down to Their Last Yacht and I saved
    some screenshots.

  2. I posted a couple pics of Gateson at Golden Age of Hollywood.ning where I have a page and hundreds of pics. I too like Natalie, but Marjorie is the one with sex appeal.

  3. Not exactly sure when Marjorie retired however she was still active well into the 1960's playing a pivotal part on the daytime soap THE SECRET STORM. She was apparently a forerunner to Ruth Warrick, Jeanne Cooper, and those other older glamourous "divas" of the soaps although from what I understand hers was a sympathetic mother part not the trouble-making matron she was in so many of her best movies. I became a big fan of Marjorie's via GOIN' TO TOWN, still my favorite role of hers.