Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dance Fools, Dance (1931)

There must be more to this movie than what I saw, it seemed to short and just didn’t feel right. It was an ok movie, any time you put Clark Gable and Joan Crawford together you know you’ll get an ok movie. Here is the plot right off the VHS’s back cover “Bonnie Jordan (Crawford) swings from socialite to reporter to “a cheap moll in the underworld” without missing a beat. When her rich father dies penniless after the stock market crash, she and her brother Rodney must find work. Bonnie becomes a reporter, while Rodney takes to selling bootleg booze and gets involved with Chicago underworld giant Jake Luva (Gable). The story shifts into high gear as Bonnie - working undercover to solve a murder - is hired as a dancer at Jake’s nightclub”. Now as for Natalie, she plays the love interest of Clark Gable, who gets replaced with Joan Crawford, sorry Crawford fans, but Clark made a bad mistake there. Natalie gets a few scenes, but there seems to be something missing, the way Clark and her react to each other makes me wonder if some of her scenes were cut out, something just didn’t feel right. The scene with Natalie and Clark in his office when he lights his cigarette and she blows his smoke out of her face is just awesome, great work not only from Clark and Natalie, but the camera man and director, just fantastic. Her look in that scene is great, how could Clark, or any man for that matter turn her down?

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