Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Big Chance (1933)

Thankfully this movie only cost me $5, because it wasn’t worth any more than that, a lame and typical story. It’s about a boxer who is a fall guy for some corrupt promoters, the boxer soon falls in love with a local girl, who’s kid brother is his biggest fan. The kid finds out he’s not what he seems to be, and now the boxer has to prove he isn’t a bad as everyone thinks he is. To prove his innocence he needs to beat the champ in a match that he was supposed to take a fall and collect a huge amount of money, I think you know how this ends. I don’t know much about most of the cast, a young Mickey Rooney played the kid brother, and I know he is an icon in this country, but I just can’t stand Mickey Rooney, I find him very annoying. As for miss Natalie Moorhead, what a waste, like always she did the best she could with the few seconds of scene time she got, although her character wasn‘t very important. She played the role of the girl the promoter got in order to keep the boxer’s mind off the local girl. She was playful and fun, and like always looked fantastic, in my opinion the boxer choose the wrong girl, but then we would have no happy ending, we’ve got to have the happy ending, don’t we?

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