Friday, August 27, 2010

Curtain at Eight (1933)

This is a great whodunit, the gorgeous Dorothy Mackaill gets top billing, although she wasn’t really the star, she should have been maybe third of fourth on the list. It’s about a Broadway star who is shot to death at his birthday party in front of dozens of witnesses. Unfortunately the lights went off and no one saw a thing. It seems everyone hated him, he had a wife, a lover and business partners who all wanted him dead, so who did it? Natalie plays the wife who is set to get a divorce, yet she arrives at his house after the show, next scene we see him getting dressed and she is in bed, I think we know what happened, but all she really wants is some money he owes her. It’s a great little scene, again Natalie only gets one scene, but she does a great job, she is so good at playing those villain parts, the women who only want money, she so slick and sexy, no wonder men always fall for her. But sadly we find out later somebody who was also after her husbands money killed her, so she didn’t kill her husband, who did? It’s really a fun movie, great cast, Dorothy MacKaill, C. Aubrey Smith, and of course Natalie Moorhead, I love a good mystery movie.

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