Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Runaway Bride (1930)

Disappointment, that’s it, just a big disappointment. When I saw that this movie stared Mary Astor, and that Natalie Moorhead had a bigger role, I thought this is going to be great, oh was I wrong. I love Mary Astor, one of my all time favorites, but this was bad just bad. First lets get the basic story over with, it was about Mary who went to elope with her fiancé, but before they get married they find out they don’t agree on a lot of things and maybe they shouldn’t get married. The guys leaves the apartment for a second and crook running from the cops jumps through the window and gets shot just as he shoots the cop. Mary freaks out and runs away, the police think she did it, she hides out a rich guys house, soon they fall in love , and well I think you get the idea. It’s a pretty lame story, but the acting was awful, the dialogue was rough and at times there were pauses between lines, like they had to think about it before they said it. They only real good acting was when Mary was kidnapped by the crooks, she did a great job of freaking out. As for Natalie Moorhead, she played one of the crooks who helps frame Mary. I’m not being bias, but I thought she did great, at first she was a maid in the apartment, being real dumb and slow, but that was all fake, then we see her for real as the moll, a real crooked woman, I thought she was the only shining part of this terrible movie.

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