Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Letter of Introduction (1938)

Not much to say about this movie, I really enjoyed it, but Natalie had a very small role. The story is about a father and daughter who never met, the father is a Broadway star, and the daughter is hoping to get on Broadway. The father is planning to get married to his forth wife, when is long lost daughter shows up, they both try to hide from others who they are, and his wife to be thinks he’s cheating on her. Natalie small role is of a woman who sees the father and daughter having dinner together and she calls the wife to be to tell her what’s going on. Not much, only a few seconds, but it was worth it, Natalie was a brunette this time, not the platinum blonde she always was, kind of a shock, but she was still very beautiful, it’s a shame she couldn’t have more scenes, but this is towards to end of her career. The great Adophe Menjou plays the father, Eve Arden has a small role, and Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy have a small role, other than that, the others in the picture are new to me.

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