Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Thin Man (1934)

This was the first time I saw Natalie Moorhead, she may have a small part, but it’s probably the biggest part in the movie, because her murder gets the ball rolling. This is easily one of the top ten greatest movies of all time, the perfect blend of drama, mystery, and comedy, great art deco style, and I dare you to find me a better cast. How can you go wrong with a cast that includes the great William Powell, Myrna Loy, Maureen O’Sullivan, Minna Gombell, Nat Pendleton, and of course Natalie Moorhead. Natalie plays Julia Wolf the secretary/mistress of Mr. Wynant. There’s more to the story, but Mr. Wynant ex-wife Mimi needs some money, she tries to get it from Mr. Wynant, but he seems to be missing, she then goes to see Julia about the money, but when she arrives she finds Julia’s dead body clutching Mr. Wynant’s watch chain. Who killed Julia, and what part of this murder did she play, who’s body was found in Mr. Wynant’s laboratory, did Julia know something, who is going to figure this all out? Nick and Nora Charles of course, who else. Although Natalie’s part is small and short, she does a great job with it, and sadly this is probably the only movie she is know for, and easily the only one of her movies TCM regularly shows. This is one of those classics, who hasn’t seen this movie, but the most amazing thing about this movie is that it was originally just a throwaway movie, basically a “B” movie, it was made in only 12 days, most movies today take almost a year, and yet it was a huge success, spawning 5 sequels.

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